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Hurricane Sandy Relief

RAINE Foundation had their main command center setup at Childrenswear in Hazlet. We had 100s of volunteers working from morning to night, supplying hot food, cold food, water, clothing, ice, toiletries. We were updating our facebook page constantly with specific needs as we go, and within minutes, our needs were met!

(Nov 4th, 2012) THIS JUST IN – RAINE delivers on 18,000 hot meals to hurricane victims (via PATCH).

The RAINE Foundation Clean-up Crew was started by several volunteers who were willing to put their lives in danger to help residents who are in crisis due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Read about two Kean University Cougars that volunteered in Union Beach to help cleanup houses devastated by the storm.
Our Clean up Crew consists of men and women who travel into the danger zones and help those in need with cleaning up their demolished home. These families lost their homes, and personal belongings.
Interested in volunteering? Please visit our Volunteers page and fill out the contact form on the page for more information.

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  1. Kathy Kardos says:

    I have time on my hands to lend a helping hand. I am able bodied and available on weekends and week nights from 6ish to 8:30 ish.

    I live in Laurence Harbor so I am not far away.

    Please contact me and put me to work!!!!!

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